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GN # Mee Emas

GN # Mee Emas
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Model: GN # Mee Emas
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Ingredients :

Enriched Wheat Flour,Starch,Salt and Filtered Water.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size : 100g
Amount Per Serving

Calories                            350         Calories From Fat                         0
                                          1,470kJ  % Daily value*
Total Fat                           0g            0
     Saturated Fat              0g            0
     Trans Fat                     0g
Cholesterol                      0mg         0
Sodium                             310mg    13
Total Carbohydrate          77g         26
     Dietary Fibre                3g           12
     Sugars                         9g
Protein                              10g
Vitamin A                           <2%       Vitamin C                                 <2%
Calcium                              4%         Iron                                          10%

* Percent Daily Values are bassed on a 2000 calories diet.Your daily
  values may be higher or lower depending on your calories needs :

                                           Calories              2,000             2,500

Total Fat                            Less than            65g                80g
     Sat Fat                          Less than            20g                25g
Cholesterol                        Less than            300mg          300mg
Sodium                              Less than            2400mg        2400mg
      Total Carbohydrate                                 300g              375g
      Dietary Fibre                                            25g                30g
Calories per gram :
Fat              9            Carbohydrate            4                Protein           4   



Cooking Directions

Stir noodles into 3,000CC of boiling water.
Cook noodles for approximately 5-6 minutes until tender.
Put noodles into a sieve and run under cold water.
Place noodles in a bowl and serve with soup base.


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GN # Mee Emas
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