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Everprosper Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Plot No.33, Jalan PKNK Utama,
Kawasan Perusahaan
Sungai Petani,
08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah, Malaysia.

The Company

Everprosper Food Industries Sdn Bhd is a noodle manufacturing company specializing in manufacturing flour- base dry noodles. It was established in year of 1998 and based in Sepang, Selangor. In the year of 2015, Everprosper has expended its business by setting up a new plant which is located in Sungai Petani Kedah.

Following are information regarding number of employees, production capacity and number of shift per day. Sepang plant has been closed on July 2018.

The products

Our main product comprises organic dried sticks noodles and natural dried stick noodles that come with a different seasoning flavors designed for fast and easy cooking. At Sungai Petani plant existing product manufacturing are natural and organic stick noodle with flavored such as carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, spinach, seaweed, plain noodle and others. We also produce organic baby noodle with flavor such as spinach, carrot, pumpkin, corn, tomato broccoli. Other than that we also do repacking of dried organic product such a soy bean, buckwheat, pinto bean, black sesame, white sesame, pumpkin seed, cane sugar, dried apricot, green tea, chia seed and others.


Leadership and Commitment


Top management have demonstrated leadership and commitment with respect to our Food Safety Management System by taking accountability of the effectiveness of the FSMS; by establishing a food safety policy and the objectives that are compatible with the direction of the organization; that both policy and objectives are communicated, understood and applied within the organization; ensuring integration of FSMS requirements into the organization’s business processes and by promoting awareness of a process approach and risk based thinking.

In addition Top Management need ensuring the availability of resources for FSMS, communicated the importance of effective FSMS and of conforming to FSMS requirements; ensuring that the FSMS is evaluated and maintained to achieves its intended results; engaging with, directing and supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the FSMS; promote improvement and support other members of the management team to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their area of responsibility.

Customer Focus

As an organization we strive to meet our clients’ expectations; top management at EVERPROSPER FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD have demonstrated their leadership and commitment by ensuring that clients’ requirements and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements are met; that risks and opportunities that could affect our products and services have been addressed; that our focus is on consistently providing client satisfaction.

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